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Referral Conversion Report

What is the monetary value of a new patient to your practice? You work hard and spend good money to attract referrals so you certainly want to make sure that every one of them gets converted into a paying customer. The Referral Conversion Report tracks the number of referrals that get converted into actual visits. It also provides data on what is delaying conversions and the reasons that some referrals never get converted at all. Don't let another hard earned referral slip away.

Referral Analysis Report

Volume and sources are critical pieces of data but they are not the only areas of referral tracking that matter. This report allows you to view what new patients were referred for and what type of insurance they carry. You can also examine which provider they were assigned to and if you have more than one location you can compare numbers across each of them.

Referral Data Entry

Without knowing anything about your practice, it is probably safe to say that the front desk is one of the busiest places in the office. We have learned from our existing clients that in order for a new system to be effective it has to be fast and easy to use. We built the data entry screen with that fact in mind. A complete referral entry can be completed in less than five seconds.

Referral Volume Report

Monitoring your overall referral volume not only helps you identify what is working, it also alerts you to potential issues that might require your attention. A sudden surge in volume could indicate that a particular add campaign was especially effective. An unexpected drop might mean that one or more of your referral sources have stopped sending you patients. Either way, awareness of your total referral volume lets you focus on doing more of what is working and fixing the things that aren't.

Referrals per Source Report

Do you know which practices send you the most referrals? Are you sure? Most practices have a general idea of where their new patients come from but we rarely work with a partner that can accurately rank their top five. The Referrals per Source Report takes the guess work out of the equation and lets you know exactly who and what are sending people through your door. This helps you identify which referral sources and marketing practices are the most important.

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